Getting the Right Sandpaper

Here is a handy chart that will help you select the right sandpaper and guide you as to when different roughness ("grit") of sandpaper should be used. The lower the grit number the rogher the sandpaper.

Grit Description
40 grit Very rough sanding/grinding before bodywork. (not waterproof)
80 grit Rough sanding before bodywork, and for sanding body filler.
180 grit Final sanding and feather edging body filler.
320 grit Optional final sanding before using primer and also for sanding spot putty.
400 grit Rough sanding primer or for fine sanding spot putty.
600 grit Final sanding primer, sand with 600 before using basecoat colors.
1000 grit Wet sanding a panel to be repainted.
1200 grit Wet sanding a panel to be repainted.
1500 grit Final sanding clearcoat to remove defects before polishing with rubbing compound. also can be used for sanding down a panel to be repainted instead of 1000 or 1200.
2000 grit Finish wetsanding with 2000 after 1500 to make hand polishing easier.


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