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Fox respects your interest in your privacy and as a result we have created this informational disclosure.

This Fox Touch Up Paint website does not collect any personal identifying information about you.

The website does link to other websites that collect personal information and you should review their privacy policies.

From time to time we may embed information on our website that is actually located on other websites. For example, YouTube videos. Google, the owner of YouTube, or the owner of such embedded information, may collect certain information and you are referred to their privacy policies.

You must be at least 18 years old to access this website. We do not direct this website to persons under 18, nor do we knowingly collect any personal information from children under the age of thirteen.

The hosting provider for this Internet site (as with any Internet site) has the ability to record various information, including domain name, pages accessed, date and time of access, web browser type and computer operating system, and referring information, and to disclose this information. This is most commonly done by providing access to raw server logs. For more information you should perform an Internet search on 'server logs' or 'raw server logs.' We may have access to our raw server logs and access reports prepared by our hosting provider.

Cookies are used to keep track of referral commissions and you cannot opt-out from receiving them. Additionally, various third party information suppliers and other entities that provide information for this website, or for use by us, may use cookies. Examples include, but are not necessarily limited to billing providers, third party advertisers, and third party resources we promote.


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